Our ethics charter

Rules and principles to be observed between Firms/Customers and Consultants

Protecting the clients' interests

IDP wants to create a genuine corporate culture that focuses on the development of our clients companies. To transfer this cast of mind to our members, a highly participative management system has been developed by IDP. The goal is for our team to be even more involved, more empowered and more self-sufficient to make decisions in the best interests of our clients.

  • For main object to perform on behalf of third study missions, advice, management/monitoring/implementation of projects invoiced and paid as such;

  • The means firms/consultants have been essentially intellectual but may also include equipment necessary to fulfil certain missions. The Parties shall implement these means, all their knowledge, methods and experiences for the benefit of their customers.

  • The firms/consultants in performing their duties in a spirit of rigorous independence from third parties (contractors, builders, developers, suppliers, ...), the best interests of their clients, given the demands of their missions.

The quality of services

Law firms / consultants must provide all training qualifications, experience and morality necessary to carry out, in accordance with industry practice, the functions entrusted to their care. They apply to maintain and develop their knowledge through an ongoing effort to vocational training. They only employ technical representative of the state of the art.

The behaviour of firms with regard to projects

  • Firms/consultants practicing in compliance with fundamental human rights and comply with national legislation which they depend, but also the laws of Asian countries in force.

  • Firms/consultants are committed to maintaining a fraternal and loyal relationship with their counterparts by avoiding any denigrating or unjustified criticism.

Members undertake to ensure that the projects they are developing are not the subject of money laundering.